• People-Friendly Outside Sales Career

    Love helping people? So do we! Delgado Realty Group, the #1 sales team at the Downey Association Board of REALTORS is looking for people-friendly exceptional salespeople who are passionate about helping people, then this position is for you! We need someone to join our dynamic and fast-growing award winning real estate team in Fullerton, CA.

    We have an overflow of business and we need to expand. This is your opportunity to join a hyper-successful team where you can grow your career and earn a significant financial income. Earn as much as $100,000 per year like others do on our team without any marketing, cold calling or any manual grunt prospecting.

    Why the Delgado Realty Team?

    All leads and appointments supplied with motivated buyers and sellers! 

    We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to ensure agents make the most money in the shortest period of time by enabling you to do what you love most, sell versus wonder where your next client is going to come from. We are seeking Agents to join our team. We have celebrity endorsements, utilize radio advertising for massive leads, have a powerful guaranteed home sale program or we buy the home, exclusive, non-duplicable leads system and an Inside Sales team to help you qualify leads. 

    If you are an outstanding outside sales professional who loves what you do but need to find an industry (No Real Estate Sales Experience Required) with significantly higher income potential, we want to hear from you. The best way to earn higher sales commissions is to sell higher-priced goods or services, and that’s what this opportunity is about. If you’re an outstanding sales professional interested in leveraging your sales talents in a role that gives you greater freedom, flexibility, control and much greater earning potential, consider joining our top-performing sales team… in real estate sales. 

    Did you know that Real Estate is one of the highest priced sales industries? Our median home price is $400,000 USD. How do those sales prices compare to what you are selling now? Our average agent income is $100,000 but many make more. Again, we have more qualified leads than our existing team can handle, and that’s why we’re interested in growing our team. We aren’t worried about finding someone with any experience in real estate. That, we can teach. What we can’t teach is a natural talent for selling. Everything else is just like learning the features, functions and benefits of what you’re currently selling – just a lot more. 


    • Follow-up on leads in a timely manner. 
    • Work with buyers to identify their purchase criteria and showing them homes that match their needs. 
    • Works well independently and on a team. 
    • Act as an intermediary between your seller and potential buyer. 
    • Create documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases. 
    • Participate in open houses, networking activities and MLS to enhance your sales; Present purchase offers to sellers. 
    • Educate your clients on key specifics of their home selling/buying experience
    • Be the authority on all things related to real estate, and the selling/buying process. 


    • Urgency and a love of no ceiling on income compensation plan. 
    • Hold, or actively working to acquire, a real estate license. (We can help you get one.) 
    • Verbal and written communication skills, multi-tasking ability, creativity.
    • Possession of Sales and Marketing skills in order to sell effectively. 
    • Admin and clerical skills needed to manage files and records; Must have basic computer skills. 
    • Prospective agents must be high-school graduates and at least 18 years of age. 


    $80,000 at plan commission income

    About David Delgado Team

    David Delgado is an author, speaker, broker and a well known marketing expert throughout the real estate industry. Helping to build up others is key to success by focusing on what matters most in life results in true success. We have invested heavily in our leads, advertising, and people so that our clients experience the best service and our agents have the potential to earn the most money. We look forward to receiving your application.

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    Success Stories Check it Out! 
    Here are Agents that David has helped take their Real Estate Business to the next level! I Started with Delgado Realty Group about 6 months ago. I was with First Team before and did zero transactions. I did door knocking, cold calling and open houses. I felt discourage everyday due to rejection from all of these activities and I thought to myself, there has to be a better way and I found Delgado Realty and quickly took advantage of the opportunity. With the Delgado team, I no longer needed to door knock or cold call, tons of leads are provided to me and qualified buyer and seller appointments are set for me done by our inside sales agents. I was also provided with top of the notch coaching that helps me build my business. Now 6 months in with the team, I closed 5 transactions, currently have 3 escrows and 1 listing. The Delgado team has truly changed my career and I could not be any more happier! 

    Melanie Dimarucut

    When I started selling real estate with David Delgado and I had no prior real estate sales experience.  I was recently evicted at my apartment for falling behind on my rent. With no place to live I packed up and headed to my brothers houses.  At the time I didn’t have much options and ended up sharing a room with my nephew while I learned what David was teaching me with my new career selling real estate.  David offered to train me and at that time I knew other real estate agents that were not making a good living at it.  However, I was in desperate needs to make a living. Today, I am making over $150,000 selling real estate with no form of prospecting that they teach at all these other real estate office.  I don’t do any door knocking, we do not cold call.  I now have the freedom and income to take time off to head to Lake Havasu for a weekend or go watch a Dodger or Laker game anytime I want.  David gave me the training; coaching and tools make a great income selling real estate.

    Wilfred Olguin
    CalBRE # 01157603
    I've had a real estate license since 2007 and from my start in real estate it seemed that every office wants its agents to follow this trainer, listen to that coach, etc.   I was the student that did it all.
    I made 100+ cold calls per day, I knocked 100+ doors per day, I attended their workshops and conferences, I watched their DVD's and webinar's, and I finally came to the understanding that out of these trainers, none of them had any personal real estate success, and most never even had a real estate license or performed even one real estate transaction.
    David's knowledge of the industry and his “cutting edge systems" were what I  never heard any trainer or Broker speak of because they don't know or understand it.
    David's direct personal training begins with understanding what lead generation is, how to convert information seekers into clients, getting the buyer to want to meet face to face with excitement and working with them to get the home they want at the price they want and achieve 100% satisfaction.
    This was a total game changer.
    David Delgado assessed my personal skills and he has helped me to use his systems to create a very lucrative career. I've closed more transactions than I ever had at any office and I have a 90% listing ratio with the sellers that I meet with.  David's systems are that powerful!

    Jay Haro

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