• Los Angeles Real Estate Today

    Radio Host Brad Hart, Real Estate Expert interviews David Delgado, President/CEO.

    Do you want to learn the truth, mistakes to avoid and common tricks most agents do, then this interview is for you.

    You may want to listen to this radio interview before interviewing or hiring a real estate agent to sell your home, listen to this podcast to learn the 4 biggest mistakes to avoid when selling your home. Delgado's radio interview may shock you along with the many lies and misconceptions that agents will tell YOU to get you to list your home with them. These insider secrets have been known throughout the real estate community, until now when Delgado reveals the most common mistakes homesellers make when selecting a real estate agent. Being cautions, educating, and listening to this podcast will give you the right information, so you can succeed in selecting the right agent who will take your home to the market and sell it for you. In the brief few minutes of this podcast, you will come to a deeper understanding of why “it is always about the real estate agent you choose” And, how to make that truth work for you.

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