• Bankruptcy Attorneys:


    No matter what is happening in the real estate market, homeowners whose expenses are up and income is down or they can't afford their mortgage payment are in a real estate catch 22.  Should they short sale or face a foreclosure?

    Our Exclusive Short Sale Program solves this dilemma.   To discuss a specific situation, please call David Delgado at 562-231-7029.

    Here's how it works: 

    We will conduct a complete interview to ensure your client meets the short sale requirements including:
    ·    Assist with completing any short sale application forms  
    ·    Review and discuss the application with the mortgage lender/bank or servicer
    ·    Negotiate directly with the servicer
    ·    Short sale investors who will make an immediate offer on the property 
    ·    All showings professionally coordinated  
    ·    Quick sales  
    ·    Database of 300+ existing buyers already looking in the area, including cash investors

    Guarantee #1   --- Hassle free short
    sales --  if you get a complaint call from your client that some element of the sale is not handled properly we will donate $300 of the commission earned to the charity of your choice.

    Guarantee #2  --- All calls from your client will be returned within 24 hours or we will pay your client a $200 penalty fee per un-returned call.
    Guarantee #3  --- Day-to-day agreement.  Your client can cancel our authorization to sell their property at any time with no cancellation fee or waiting period (prior to receiving a written offer of at least 95% of market value) 
    Guarantee #4  --- Complete client loyalty to you – we guarantee to never mention any other attorney to your clients at any time and to always refer them back to you regarding legal matters  
    It all starts with a Free Short Sale Home Evaluation for your client.

    To refer your client who has a home to sell:  Simply fill out the form on this page with the seller's info then click the submit button.  We will contact the seller, preview their existing home and report back asap to let you know their home sale status. Thank you.