Your Buyers Home Sold or We Will Buy It*

    The current market place is saturated with Buyer Prospects who prefer to sell their existing home first before buying their new home.  Days are spent sending buyers away that really want to buy, but need to sell or you face a contract with a contingency.

    Our Exclusive VIP Builder Guaranteed Sale Program can solve this dilemma for you.

    Here’s How It Works:
    When you are approached by a prospective buyer who has an existing home to sell; we will step in and GUARANTEE the sale of the Buyers property (up front in writing).  In the unlikely event their home doesn’t sell within the listing term, we will buy their present home*. 

    NO GIMMICKS, *conditions apply.

    Thank you,
    David Delgado, President/CEO

    Here are basic conditions to understand to avoid any miscommunications.

    The Buyer must secure a purchase and sale agreement with a property offered for sale by a VIP Builder and list their home for sale with Delgado Realty Team.  Within five business days of a request for a guaranteed sale, we will make an “offer” to the buyer on their home.

    Here are important items to understand during this process. 

     1. The agent representative meeting with the buyer from Delgado Realty Team is here to assist them in selling their home.

    2. They will give the buyer, upfront, a benefits presentation of what we do to sell houses.  Once they are comfortable with that, they will provide them with a comparative market analysis.  This will give them a good idea of what range of value their home falls into.  This analysis will also help them establish a competitive asking price for their home.

    3. The agent representative will then assist them in the necessary paper work to get their home on the market and submit that paperwork to the New Featured Property Coordinator on our Team and we will go to work on selling their home.

    4. If they are interested in a guaranteed sale, their agent representative will submit a “request for guaranteed sale offer” to our company underwriter.

    5. Within five business days, a complete evaluation of all area sales data will be completed by our underwriter and a preliminary guaranteed sale offer will be sent to our agent and the buyer via email. 

    6. The underwriter is going to select the highest market value price he knows a buyer will pay; a price that is not speculative.  This will also serve as our suggested asking price for a guaranteed sale.  In the unlikely event the home does not sell within 90 days at that price after moving forward on a guaranteed sale, we will step in and buy the home for no less than 95% of the guaranteed price and take no more than 30 days to close.  Whether their home sells to an outside buyer or we end up as the buyer – sales commissions will apply.

    7. The price range the buyer and our agent representative come up with initially may be different from the underwriters.  It is common for Sellers and Agents to speculate.  In any case, the seller has the option of accepting a guaranteed sale and moving forward with our offer - or - not accepting it and continuing to move forward on finding that perfect buyer utilizing all the benefits of Delgado Realty Team’s aggressive proven home selling system - or - cancel any listing agreement with Delgado Realty Team.

    8. If the seller accepts the guaranteed sale offer, and an offer later comes in from an outside buyer that is more money than the guaranteed sale price from DRT – the seller gets the higher offer price, not DRT.

    It's that easy. To get started, simply fill out the form on this page with your buyers info, enter your contact information then click submit.